Safe Deposit Box

The general rule of thumb is to place items in a safe deposit box that are either impossible to replicate or are a hassle to replicate.  Here's a list of documents and other things that you might want to place in a safe deposit box:

Personal Papers

 • Birth certificates
 • Death certificates
 • Marriage certificate
 • Divorce or separation papers
 • Citizenship papers
 • Adoption papers
 • Passports
 • Veteran's papers
 • Social Security verification

Ownership Papers

• Stock certificates
• Bond certificates
• U.S. savings bonds
• Other investment certificates or evidence of ownership
• Automobile titles
• Valuables that are seldom used

Keep an inventory of what is stored in the box if for no other reason than it might avoid a fruitless visit to the bank looking for something that isn't there.

Finally, keep in mind that the bank does not insure the contents of a safe deposit box.  If you store any valuables in the box, you should add coverage for it through your homeowners or renters insurance policy.  While your valuables are relatively secure in a safe deposit box – a lot more secure than at home – thefts do happen, and safe deposit box insurance is very inexpensive.