Financial Reslutions for 2013

Here are Jonathan’s financial resolutions for 2013. Please feel free to share these with family members and friends.
1. Check your investment diversification. 2012 was a pretty good year for stocks, so you may find that the percentage of your investments held in stocks and stock mutual funds is higher than it should be. So this is a good time to make sure your money continues to be well diversified. Your goal should be to maintain a well-balanced portfolio that can withstand all kinds of market conditions. Resist the temptation to plow more...

Money $marts with Jonathan Pond

Are you bewildered by the dour conditions in the economy and the investment markets? Money $marts with Jonathan Pond can help. This 90 minute special will be broadcast periodically in 2012 and early 2013 on public television stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Money $marts emphasizes taking control of the financial matters you can control and stacking odds in your favor with the financial matters you can’t control. By following five keys to financial success, money peace-of-mind is within...

Money $marts Financial Planner
Money $marts Investment Planner

We’re often asked how people can take advantage of Jonathan’s one-of-a-kind financial planning and investing reports, based on an easy-to-complete, confidential questionnaire. The Money $marts Financial Planner and the Money $marts Investment Planner are available exclusively for public television members.

Contact your local PBS station for information. These thank-you gifts are offered in conjunction with Jonathan’s latest PBS special, Money $marts with Jonathan Pond...



While the economy and the investment markets are in a constant state of change, it’s reassuring to know that some important matters in your financial life can be addressed without having to worry about events that are beyond your control.

Jonathan has prepared guides on a variety of important money topics that are available on the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts' web site: