Preparing a Household Inventory

Hardly a day goes by without a couple of serious house fires in the news, not to mention hurricanes, floods and other calamities. Chances are the unfortunate homeowners are going to suffer a second misfortune when they do battle with the insurance company over the worth of their lost furniture and personal property. Let's look at a worst-case scenario: your house or apartment burns down, blows away, or floats away. How accurately could you recall all of your possessions and how persuasively could you argue your case to a skeptical insurance company? A household inventory, which might only consist of a bunch of camera shots or a videotape of your sundry possessions, can go a long way toward assuring a fair and full insurance settlement should the worst happen. By the way, don't store your household inventory in your house, for an obvious reason. Abundant worksheets and web sites are available to help you prepare and maintain your inventory.