Pond's Laws on Home and Hearth

On Real Estate

Pond’s Law of Real Estate Profit Maximization
The best place to advertise a property that you want to sell is in the local medical journal because doctors are notorious for overpaying for real estate.

On Insurance

Pond’s Law of Insurance
The more insurance you carry for a particular risk, the less chance that the calamity will arise. And vice versa.

Pond’s Law of Insurance Gaps
The next calamity to befall you will be in the one area where you lack insurance coverage.

Pond’s Law of Life (Insurance) Stages
Your life insurance needs are greatest when you’re at a stage in life where you can least afford to pay the premiums. And vice versa.

On Home Equity Credit Lines

Pond’s Law of Home Equity Credit Lines
Heretofore unrecognized opportunities to spend large sums of money will become immediately apparent after you open a home equity credit line.

On Cars

Pond’s Law of Cars in the ‘Hood
The neighbor who has the most expensive car in the neighborhood has the smallest retirement account in the neighborhood.

Pond’s Law of Old Heaps
Anyone who owns a car more than eight years will consider it a family member and give it a cute name