Ponds's Laws On Couples and Children

On Couples

Ponds Law of Attraction
Spenders are always attracted to savers, and vice versa.

Pond’s Laws of Savers and Spenders
1. Savers are put on this earth to deny their loved ones any material pleasures.
2. Spenders actually think they can save money when they buy something on sale.

Pond’s Law of Marital Bliss
The sooner a newlywed couple abandons their joint checking account in favor of separate checking accounts, the longer the marriage will last.

On Children

Pond’s Law of Grocery Store Design
Grocery stores are designed so that the candy and other child delights are placed on the shelf that is at eye level height to a child sitting in a grocery cart.

Pond’s Law of Allowances
No matter how high the allowance bestowed on a child, he or she will be able to find another kid whose allowance is higher.

Pond’s Law of Grandparents and Grandchildren
1. Grandparents will spend more money on a grandchild in one weekend than they ever spent on their children in one year.
2. The first economic lesson that a child learns is that it’s a lot easier extracting money and other goodies from grandparents than it is from parents.

Pond’s Law of Financial Education
The more you teach your children or grandchildren about financial matters, the lower the probability that you’ll have to support them in your old age.

Pond’s Law of “How Did My Child Turn Out Like That?”
If you have two or more children, no matter how diligent you are in teaching them about financial responsibility, one will end up with appalling financial habits.

Pond’s Law of Parental Loans
The probability that an adult child will repay a loan is equal to the reciprocal of the amount of money loaned. For example, a $100 loan has a 1/100 change of being repaid; a $10,000 loan has a 1/10,000 chance of being repaid.

Pond’s Law of College Saving
You only need to save about one-third of your children’s college costs by the time they enter college. Just having them out of the house will save enough money to pay the other two-thirds.

Pond’s Law of Cruises
The best way to teach your children about the world is to take a cruise and send them some postcards.

Pond’s Law of Absolute Certainty
If you ask your children whether it’s appropriate for you to make annual cash gifts to them, you can be absolutely certain of an affirmative response.

Pond’s Law of Caring Children
The larger the estate you have to pass on to your children, the more kindly they will treat you in your old age.

Pond’s Law of Bedrooms
The more bedrooms you have, the more likely that adult children will move back in with you in your dotage.